Pfizer Vaccine Registration India: Price, Side Effects & Dose Gap

Pfizer vaccine registration in India and its price has been revealed along with Pfizer Vaccine Side Effects and Dose Gap. Pfizer vaccine is another acclaimed vaccine against coronavirus. The name of the brand is COMIRNATY. The manufacturers are Pfizer, Inc., and BioNTech. Relying on the clinical trials that happened on 16 years old and above people, this vaccine was 95% effective to prevent Covid.

In case you are interested to register for the Pfizer vaccine in India then follow this article and gather the needed information.

Pfizer Vaccine Registration India

Pfizer Vaccine Registration India

The government of India is still discussing the approval of the Pfizer vaccine. Right now, the government of India has prohibited this medicine in India. Pfizer Vaccine Registration in India will start soon after the vaccine gets accepted by the government.

In near future, you will be able to register yourself to take the vaccine. The registration can be done by visiting Pfizer Vaccine Registration. At present, the vaccine is being used in the USA. As the expansion of corona is increasing day by day, approving this vaccine might prove to be a godsent gift.

This vaccine can only be taken by people who are above the age of 12 years. In addition to that, the researching department has conveyed that people with anaphylaxis should not consume this drug. Otherwise, all the Indians will be eligible to register themselves for Covid 19 Pfizer Vaccine.

As soon as the government gives validation and recommends people to take this vaccine, you can register on the official website of Pfizer Vaccine –

One needs 2 doses of the vaccine with 21 days difference in between. The vaccine will get injected into the muscle of the arm.

Pfizer Vaccine Price

Currently, India has not approved Pfizer yet. As a result, there is no information about the price of the vaccine yet. At the present, the USA has given validation to this vaccine. Even though the price is not decided yet, the company announced that the price of the vaccine will be pocket friendly. The estimated price of the vaccine can vary from 700 to 1000 rupees.

Who can take this vaccine?

Once the government gives approval to this vaccine to get used in India, any Indian can register themselves to take this vaccine. Any Indian who ages above 12 years can get this vaccine. But researchers have declared that people suffering from anaphylaxis should avoid this drug.

Pfizer Vaccine Side Effects

Different types of side effects can be observed in different people. The countries where this vaccine is approved are reporting several side effects. The official website gives a list of side effects that have been seen on various people. The side effects might occur within 1 or 2 days of getting jabbed. The person may experience pain, redness, swelling, on the arm where he or she took the vaccine.

According to the official website, the first dose of Pfizer Vaccine may cause problems such as fatigue, headache, fever, nausea, muscle aches, and chills. The pharmaceutical company has listed all the side effects. There is nothing to worry about if you suffer from any of these side effects. These are not serious. You will restore to your healthy self in few days only. There is no need to get concerned about having mild side effects.

Pfizer Vaccine Productivity

Pfizer, Inc. and BioNTech claim that the vaccine can curb corona. This vaccine can give us protection to some extent. The pharmaceutical company asserts that their drug is effective and can combat coronavirus. After taking this vaccine, researchers observed that only 5% of the symptoms of coronavirus have been seen in any of the patients. The Pfizer Vaccine has been verified to be effective over the new strain.

Till now the company has asserted that the Pfizer Vaccine is 95% productive. If it is true then this can be a very effective weapon against the virus. The trial of the vaccine in the USA includes some Indians too. Researchers mostly have given the trial on white women but some African Americans and Indians also took part in the trial research.

Pfizer Vaccine Doses

The pharmaceutical company has released information about the doses of Pfizer. Everyone needs 2 doses of the vaccine. The authority has recommended having a 21 days gap between the 2 doses. You need to wait for 21 days after taking the 1st dose.

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